Review: Makeup Revolution #Liphug Lipsticks

Hey hey hey! 

Today I wanted to write a review for four of the Makeup Revolution #Liphug lipsticks. When these first came out I remember getting a bunch of emails hyping them up and seeing them all over Instagram, but there are so many colour choices I didn't know what to go for. I've finally made up my mind and found four that I want to try. Bring on the shopping!

When I got these through the post I was super happy with the packaging, I love this about Makeup Revolution, they sell makeup which is super affordable and, they don't skip out on presentation. The four I purchased were: 

(from left to right)
- I am ready!
- Who we are!
- To get lucky
- Let's raise the bar 

The lipsticks promise to be 'super intensive, super wearable and super hugable' with 'incredible comfort and staying power'. Lets see if I found this to be true or not. 

I first wanted to go for the coral toned one, 'Let's raise the bar' as I don't have any lip colours currently like this, and I wanted to give it a go, I realise that I've kinda got it at the wrong time of year, but at least I'm ready for Spring. 

Something I did notice about 'I am ready!' and,'Who we are!' was how similar they were. As I was ordering I tried to make sure I got four very different shades to get the best value for money, but apparently these two are very alike. Not to worry though, they are different, one definitely having a more pink undertone to it, and one can never have too many red lipsticks.

The final colour is 'To get lucky' and it's definitely my favourite. I love berry shades at this time of year, and actually, this wasn't as dark as I thought it would be when I was ordering, however, it's got that lovely muted rose kinda colour. I love! It's dark enough to fit in with that autumn vibe, but not so dark it becomes difficult to wear. 

I've had a go at wearing all of these, and what I will tell you is that they're nice and easy to apply. Since they're just a touch thinner than your average lipstick bullet, it gives you that little bit extra precision during application. The darker shades are quite pigmented, but I would say for all four of these, especially 'Let's raise the bar', apply one coat, leave it to settle for a few minutes, and then build up another coat, and you'll get that colour. 

I was very impressed with how hydrating these lip hugs were, they do just that, give your lips a hug! Sometimes lipsticks can be quite drying, but I really felt they kept my lips moisturized, and even after the colour had worn off they didn't leave them dry. 

As for how long these last on your lips, I'd say a good couple of hours before you need to reply, and definitely remember to top up after you've eaten. They leave a subtle stain on your lips after application, they don't just fade away completely.

I shall definitely be having another look on Makeup Revolution's website for some more colors, I think I have enough red shades but will have a look for some nude colours I think, and for £1.50 (currently in a sale!) they're a bargain!

Pretty impressed I was! 


*This post has not been sponsored.