2016 | Things to come


It's 2016. How? Last year went so quickly! Despite it whizzing by, I am really happy to leave 2015 and start afresh this year. I've got a feeling this year is going to be a very good one. You may recall my post about what I had in mind for 2015, I came up with some resolutions. Have a read here, or get a cuppa and see what my hopes are for this year.

2015 Resolutions:
  • Worry less
  • Cut down on fizzy drinks
  • Ensure I go jogging more frequently than never.
  • Travel somewhere cool.
  • Blog more. 
  • Attempt vlogging. 
So how did I do?

Better than I thought I would to be honest. Last year was jam packed, so it's surprising that I managed to stick to most of these.

I went though a lot last year, which would usually hype my anxiety to the max, I started my apprenticeship, learnt to drive, and went abroad without any adults (even though I technically am one). I've definitely got so much better. To some it may be obvious, to those who maybe know me a little less, they might not realise as much, but I really do have a much better handle on everything than I did this time a year ago. Little things can still rock the boat for me, but I think they're three pretty big achievements to be proud of!

Fizzy drinks have gone out the window, I've become a die hard water fan. I now only drink a fizzy drink if it's mixed with alcohol, and already this year I've taken it to the next level, really trying to make sure I have enough water. Turns out I was drinking only half of what I should be. I am kinda the most proud of this one, as I seriously had a diet coke addiction for as long as I can remember before the start of 2015.

My jogging started off well, my friend Connie and I spent the whole of January running as much as we possibly could, but then we both got jobs and running went straight to the bottom of our priority list! However, in the summer I did join the gym, and although I've been pretty slack in late 2015, I'm back in the swing of it now.

The same thing happened with blogging, I keep having spurts of being really dedicated, but then life gets in the way. I've set up a new routine this year, I'm writing everything a week in advance, and planning out the kind of posts I want about a month in advance to take the pressure off of me. I guess you'll see by my posting frequency if this is working out or not!

I did travel somewhere cool, Mallorca, and I did sort of attempt to film some pretty shots whilst I was there, however, I am in no place to vlog at the moment. It just doesn't appeal right now as something I have to do.

Resolutions for 2016:
  • Work out and eat healthily. I'm trying to get back to the weight I was in year 12, when I was 16/17. That was about 10KGs lighter than I am now, and so with the help of my fitbit I'm hoping to stick to a plan and stay healthy! This year is the year of healthy eating for me. 
  • Wear makeup more often. I have so much lovely makeup, but I tend to only wear it at weekends, because of time constraints, and just effort to be honest. But I want to make more of an effort, even if it's just on Friday's or something. I love makeup after all!
  • Remove negative people from my life. Last year I lost some friends. It was a very tough period of time for me, and I'm still feeling the after effects now. I do not believe in letting anyone make me unhappy. I have a simple rule to live by, you upset me or make me feel bad about myself and have a negative impact on my life? You're removed from my life. I will make no effort to be all chummy when you only make me unhappy. 
Goodbye negative energy.

I would also like to try Yoga on the WiiFit again, for the lolz. (Who still uses the WiiFit, anyone?)

Let me know what your hopes are for this year, are you thinking of travelling somewhere? Maybe you're finishing uni, or even just starting! Drop me a line in the comments and we can have a chit chat