Celebrating Two Decades

Hello my lovelies,

Today it is... My birthday! I have turned the grand old age of 20. Wow, no longer a teenager, and I suppose you could now call me a proper grown up, (who wants to be one of those?).

It's mad! I remember turning 14 pretty vividly, and could never, ever imagine even being 16, let alone TWENTY!

At the zoo on safari!
I have had such a lovely weekend in the build-up to today. On Friday, I got to celebrate the day with all my work colleagues (I've booked a day off, hence not celebrating today) I then dragged all my friends to the zoo on Saturday. It was super cold but a lovely day and I think everyone enjoyed it. I then spent the evening eating delicious food and spending time with my bestest friends whilst laughing more than I have done in such a long time. I've got serious abs from all that laughing! (If only... :p) 

Blowing the candles out on Saturday evening with my friends
Now I get to spend today with my boyfriend, we're going to do a bit of shopping and have hopefully the best lunch ever! I get to choose but I still can't decide, I expect it will be on Instagram later hehe. 

The amazing cake my mum made for me
To sum it up, turning twenty is absolutely terrifying. However, I'm in such a good place surrounded by all my favourite people, it's gonna be OKAY!

Getting old ay... bring on the next decade!