September Favourites 2016

Okay, so serious real talk for a second. How on earth is it the end of September? It seems like just like last week I was on holiday in Menorca, excited for September to begin, and all of a sudden it's over? What even. 

Anyway, it's time to tell you what I've been loving this month.

Vampire Diaries
Oh, my dear god, I have become well and truly addicted to it. I recently got Netflix and it has changed my life. I put on Vampire Diaries for a bit of a laugh, not intending to become addicted to the whole series. I am in love. I've already binge watched a series and a half and am so invested in the story. I've even managed to get Jim to watch a few episodes with me. 

Barry M Plumpy Top Coat
Barry M, you are my saviour, a couple of weeks ago, I splurged on some Barry M top coat and base coats which are meant to help your nails (see Iron Mani down below), and the work! I love this plumpy top coat though because it does exactly that, it makes any old nail varnish feel like a thick, strong gel coat. It makes my nails so glossy and shiny, and after a couple of uses, I'm noticing them chip a lot less. Woohoo!

Iron Mani
Okay, onto this serious nail strengthener. I am in love. If you've seen any of my recent Instagram pics, you'll know how happy I am with my nails at the moment. I'm trying to grow them all and maintain them at that length, and this, combined with my already owned Super Mani, is helping! Bring on strong nails that don't chip!

New piercings
Okay, so this isn't in the photos, but you might have seen my new piercings! I am in love, I'd been putting it off for ages because I was being a wimp, but I'm so happy I finally bit the bullet and got it done! Can't wait to change the earrings over soon! Read the full post on my experience here

Pink Hat
Remember my new cap from last month? I bought a pink one! I loved the black one so much, then when I saw this dusty pink version, I had to get it. HAD TO! It's so cute, and I think I might like it even more. I'm going to wear it as long as I possibly can before my beanie hats come out. 

At the very beginning of the month, I got to go to Brighton for a work conference, which in itself was amazing. If you're interested in the world of SEO and social media on a professional level, check out my blog post for work about my experience, here. After the conference was over, I travelled to the Marina and met the boyf there to had driven down from our hometown. We stayed in such a lovely hotel, had an amazing night, and then spent the next day being tourists. I loved every second. Every time I go to Brighton I discover somewhere new and fall in love with it more and more. 

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in the shade Shabby Chic
It's become my go-to lip product. Read my full review here. Over the month I've reached for this time and time again. It's just so wearable. It's long-lasting, it doesn't smudge everywhere, and when it does eventually begin to fade, it's subtle. It's not like "Woah, her lipstick has rubbed off". It's gradual. 

What are your favourites this month?

Toodles! ♥