Friends can break your heart too

Let me grab you for a minute. Adult friendships. Where do you stand on them? How are you supposed to feel when a friendship ends when you’re a grown up? How does it happen? It’s a bit weird right. You kind of imagine this stuff stops when you leave school.

As we get older, it’s expected that our friendship groups will take twists and turns. People are going to come and go, it’s natural. You meet new people and grow apart from others.

But don’t you think that adult relationships are hard? They’re messy and can be difficult to manoeuvre. Sometimes stuff might get blown out of proportion, and it might not be rectified because that’s just how life is. I think it’s tricky because you can’t really ever be sure if a friendship is over for good, or if you might be able to continue where you left off.

I feel like everything can be a lot more harsh as an adult. It cuts close to the bone. It can be downright horrible. The worst bit is when there is no outlet to get all your emotions out. I look back at when I was at school and remember that even if you had an absolute raging argument with someone during a lunchtime and you might swear you hate them for ever and ever, chances are, by the next week you were best buds again. Okay, maybe not best buds, but you get the idea. I think by getting it all out there, you’re able to move on quicker, deal with the situation, and go on with your life.

I think sometimes, we all like to brush off how much losing a friend can affect us. After all, friends are just friends, right? They’re not as serious as a relationship with a significant other.

Or are they?

Friends are there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on. Friends are there for us when we want to go on a spontaneous shopping trip. Friends are there when we want to go exploring. Friends are there for us when times are great. Friends are there for us when times get tough. Friends play a huge part in our day to day happiness. You might have had a crappy day at work, you might want to let off some steam, or you might have just got the best news ever and want to share with someone.

The thing that hurts me the most, is the history that’s there. You don’t make friends with someone just to be there for five minutes, it’s an investment, for both of you. You don’t head into a friendship thinking there’s going to be an expiry date. You’re in it for the long haul.

I feel like people never talk about what it’s like once you’ve actually lost a friend. It’s all swept up under the carpet and never spoken of again - in most cases. But like, why does it have to be like that? Why don’t people talk about it more? It’s almost like you have to put up this shield in front of people, and you have to be okay.

I don’t think it should be that way. I think we should all talk about these things, and be open about them more. If it upset us, bloody say so! Enough with pretending everything is fine.

Friends can break your heart, and there’s no shame in being upset about it.

Much Love