Why I adore habit tracking (and what I track currently)

I find habit trackers fascinating. I really think that they’re a window into someone’s life. You can immediately see what’s important to that person and what their priorities are.

Today I thought I’d share a little bit more about my habit trackers with you, and how they’ve evolved over time.

When I first created my bullet journal, I remember being most excited about creating a habit tracker. I’d seen so many on Pinterest and I was ready.

How do I Know What Habits to Track?

Choosing the habits you want to track is pretty easy. Firstly, consider what’s already a part of your routine, for example exercising, reading, blogging. The things you’re tracking don’t have to be done every day, but I’d advise choosing things that perhaps you want to improve on and start doing more of. That’s how I picked most of mine.

I can’t think of anything, give me some starters, please!
If you can’t decide what to track at the beginning, I’d work on setting yourself a few goals which you can use to track with. Set a goal of how many hours sleep you should be getting each night. There’s your first habit to track. Also look at if you want to be exercising regularly, focusing on skincare, and looking after yourself. Are you drinking enough water every day? All of these things are quite good to track as they’re helping with your self-care.

What do I track?

During the time I’ve had my bullet journal, I have added a few habits here and there. So this is a review of what I’m tracking currently. It looks like I’m tracking quite a lot, but it’s not really too bad.

Morning skin care & evening skincare:

I dedicate a row each to skincare, as I should probably be doing both! I like to track skincare because I notice that sometimes I can get really lazy with my routine. Instead of following my proper skincare routine I might just splash my face, that’s better than nothing but it’s not my proper skincare routine, is it? I’m tracking these to see if there’s any correlation with the days of the week and if I follow proper skincare or not.


I track when I work out because I think it’s important to hold myself accountable when I don’t work out. I seem to have two phases when it comes to exercising. Either I’m at the gym all the time or I’m taking a day off - lasting for three weeks. It’s not perfect and I’m only really making things harder for myself this way, so tracking it is a good way to notice when I’m going through a bad phase!


I like to practice a few times a week ideally on Duolingo because at school I was always really bad at languages. I took French and German and I was unbelievably bad at actually remembering any of it. Duolingo seems to be working quite well for me so far. I don’t think I’m going to be speaking in a different language anytime soon but having the knowledge and ability to read it is pretty fun. So far I’ve dabbled in Vietnamese because it’s so different to English and I wanted something to learn completely from scratch. And Portuguese, in preparation for my summer holiday!

7+ hours sleep

Sleep is a big challenge for me. I’m guilty of trying to cram too much into my evenings and end up going to bed too late. I’m not very good at balancing everything! My current aim at the moment is to have at least seven hours of sleep. I feel refreshed with this amount of sleep and I actually have a chance of reaching this goal!


I’ve been trying meditation on and off since the beginning of this year. I only ever hear good things about it and so wanted to give it a go. On the whole, I think I do feel better afterwards, but I don’t think traditional sit-down meditation is for me. At the moment. I’m experimenting with a few different apps on my phone to see what will work best for me. At the moment I’m trying to do this roughly twice a week.


I love reading! I don’t dedicate nearly as much time as I’d like to it though. Since I’ve been habit tracking I’ve been making such an effort to read, and have discovered some really good books along the way. It seems like my favourite thing to read is either a good self-help book or a dystopian novel. Got any recommendations?

10,000 daily steps

This is a big one. I have a Fitbit so I’m constantly trying to reach my goal of 10,000 steps. On weekdays I can usually achieve this no problem at all, but it’s much more of a challenge at weekends. I’ve got two holidays coming up so I’m trying as hard as possible to get in the best shape I can.

No spending

Haha! This is something that I unfortunately never get to colour in on my habit tracker. It’s very rare that I don’t spend a single thing. During the week I buy lunch every day (yes I know this is not the best way of doing it) and at the weekend I’m usually doing a bit of shopping. Sundays are the day where I’m least likely to spend. But that’s still rare. Ooops.

Bullet Journal

This gets coloured in almost every single day. If I’ve updated my bullet journal and filled out my habit tracker (ha) then I colour this in.

No eating out

Who likes food? ME! And I do like eating out from time to time. Even if it’s just a cheeky Mcdonalds. I’m trying to keep this to a minimum though to save money and stay reasonably healthy.

2,200ml water

It’s super important to drink enough every day. This is my goal in my Fitbit app, so I try and reach this target every day. I’ve been on it during all this hot weather we’ve had.

Fitbit calories

I like to keep an eye on what I’m eating via my Fitbit app. Basically just to keep track of any major cheat days I have. If I’ve put them in the app, this gets ticked off.

Instagram comments

Hands up if you like Instagram’s algorithm! Oh, that would be nobody. Yep, Instagram is proving to be a bit of pain recently and I think we’ve all noticed that it feels like a bit of battle to be seen on their anymore. I try and ensure that I spend a bit of time each day commenting on photos I like the look of, as my way of ‘beating’ the algorithm. I don’t think it will help me be seen anymore, but at least I’ll be able to see more of my favourites on my stream. That’s the aim anyway.


At the beginning of this year, I went through a phase of having a cold every other week. Literally. It was every other week. I’ve been taking vitamins since then to try and help my immune system out a little, and so far, it seems to be working. (Watch me wake up with a cold tomorrow). If I take my vitamins, I tick this off.


Okay, I’m still a coffee novice and only like mochas, but I am in love. They’ve become a real treat for me. I like to keep track of this though because I don’t want to become too reliant on it.


I actually got this idea of off one of my besties, Chrystal (hello if you read this!). I’m not a massive drinker but do have a habit of going OTT at parties. Oops. So, this is just to keep track of that I guess. Do you ever get that little form when you go to the dentist and they’re like how many units of alcohol do you drink a week? I dunno! Sometimes it might be nothing for weeks and then summer comes along and there’s a party every week!

That sums up which habits I track. As you can see from my tracker, I’ve always got room to add more if need be. I like to track my mood too, on the same page so I can see if there’s any correlation between my various habits and general mood. For instance, if I’ve had a day where I’ve managed to tick a lot off, I’m usually in a really good mood. A day with few ticked off is likely to not be great.

If you have a bullet journal and like using a habit tracker, what habits do you track? Do you split yours up into categories? That’s something I’ve considered doing but just keep it in the order I thought of them :’)

Thanks for stopping by,

Much Love!