Pillow Talk #2

Mornz everyone!

Picture this, an Instagram worthy bed shot, complete with chunky woollen socks, perfect white bed sheets and a cuppa...

Oh, how I wish I could be spending my Sunday morning like this, but instead I'm sat here on tenterhooks waiting to pick Jim up from the airport. I've got an hour's drive ahead of me and I'm not looking forward to hitting traffic on the M25. Such fun.

Hopefully, you're having a more laid back morning than me. If you're new here, this is my weekly series, Pillow Talk, where I like to write down all the things I've been loving this week. Usually content I've found on the web which I think needs sharing.

Last week I wrote to you from snowy Budapest, an amazing weekend trip which you can read all about here. It's long but has pretty photos and had a fab video.

Letting go of the social meeds

Okay so let's have a show of hands, who here is addicted to their phone? I am and it makes me weep a little inside when I realise just how much of my time is spent gazing at the screen in the palm of my hand, and it seems I'm not the only one.

This week I stumbled across Helen Anderson's post on forgetting the phone, and this prompted me to really have a think about what I can do to get away from my phone. At the moment the thought of leaving the house without my phone makes me feel like an anxious mess, but it's something I want to do. Actually doing that is another story, but hey there's hope. I particularly like Helen's idea of having a phone bowl at social occasions - one to put into practice during the festive period, me thinks.

Following the same vibes, I saw Grace Victory's post on her 24-hour break from social media. It's about a month old but I was browsing the archives and it is well worth reading my friend. A 24-hour break sounds doable for me and got me thinking that I'd like to, perhaps as a new year's resolution, schedule one day per month where I go social media free. It's a bit difficult considering my job and fave hobby (blogging, duh) are so intertwined with social media, but I think it would be worth it. I crave the idea of having a clear head space and I think this would help a lot with it.

Have you taken a social media break? Any tips for an addict?

Friendships. It's complicated.

Does anyone else find friendship in your early twenties bloody difficult? I've touched on it briefly before, but Nicole's post on leaving certain types of 'friends' behind in 2017 summed it up so well. Annoyingly, I can think of people in my life which fit into the three categories Nicole mentions; the canceller, the me me me, and the one who never replies. It's a shame but a girl's gotta put herself first. If a friend is draining the life outta you or making you feel shit whenever you see them, LET THEM GO. They're not worthy of your company - and this is something I need to remind myself of in 2018.

Something a little more lighthearted...

I feel like we need to brighten things up around here, and so, I bring you Vix's 11 Sex Positions for Millennials. This post cracked me up and you need to read it now if you haven't already. A post of satirical sex positions, what more could you want on a Sunday morning?

Rock n Roll

I've been blasting my ears with soft rock this week and I think I might actually have nailed a playlist which includes all my faves, and I've used this handy tool to order tracks by how much energy they have. The result? Rockin tunes which gradually increase in hype. Sound like your kinda thing? Do help yourself and have a listen here.

Vlogs and blogs binge

One of my all-time fave creators is Jessie from sunbeamsjess. I adore her vlogging style, her fashion sense and just everything really. Lurveee it. Yesterday I spent way too much time than I'd like to admit watching some of her vlogtober vids (yes I'm really behind lol) and saw on Twitter that she's just launched her blog. Guess what? I love it! (Who'd have thought it?) The website itself is fabulous and it has Jess' personality written all over it. If you haven't seen it yet go check it out and prepare to be wowed. Her whole aesthetic is on point.

I think that's all for this week! I'm off to the airport now, once I'm home I think I'll be spending the rest of the day finding out how Jim's trip was and doing a spot of bullet journaling. If you follow me on Insta you'll see that a new journal arrived yesterday ready for the new year and I'm so excited to start setting it up!

Have a lovely Sunday ~