Pillow Talk #3

Good morning (or afternoon - totes didn't sleep in or anything)

The festive season is now in full swing and I'm definitely not nursing a slightly delicate head after a cheeky beverage or two over a Christmas dinner/party last night.

This weekend has been full of festive Spirit, I hung out with some of my faves on Friday night, then yesterday I had my first Christmas dinner (and too much wine) of the season with friends, and now today I'll be having another Christmas dinner. Another one!

Then I've got two more this week with work. I'll be sick of it come Christmas day!

This week has flown by (a little here about time flying) and I have been struggling a little to stay on top of reading all my favourite blogs. I've been busy fitting in Christmas shopping where I can (and of course an 'accidental' BooHoo order) as well tying up a bunch of loose ends which needed to be dealt with before the end of the year.

I also gave my hair a freshen up and got my nails done for the first time in like a year as an early present to my self. Priorities.

Sidenote: Does anyone have tips on going bowling and not ruining their nails? I'm going with work on Thursday and am low key scared of ruining them. I always end up breaking at least one nail (even when they're just bare, no fancy stuff) when I bowl and cannot be dealing with that just before Chrimbo when it's too much hassle to get fixed. 

What's the story then? What have I been loving?

Perhaps not loving as such, but giving a lot of thought and support to Lydia Millen. This week Lydia posted a distressing message on her Twitter account about the abuse and harassment she's been facing online and it just made me feel so upset and angry for her.

Online creators put their lives out there, sure, but that doesn't give people a right to tear them apart for every move they make or decide to share with you. Friendly reminder: creators choose what to share with you and it's up to them how much or how little they give away.

Why does this happen? What are these people getting out of it exactly? To read Lydia saying "I honestly don't know how to make this stop and it's destroying me" like, that's heartbreaking.

And it's a worrying trend I'm noticing too - in recent weeks there seems to be this surge in creators reaching breaking point because of hideous questions being thrown at them. Invasive questions with answers that are quite frankly none of our business.

It forced two of my fave chums to watch, Lily Melrose and Helen Anderson to each release a video in response to comments like that. I feel like it's wrong to link directly to their responses because why should they have to justify themselves? But you can go looking if you really want to.

Why does it have to be this way? Why does it feel like we've grown so entitled to stick our nose in where it doesn't belong, and where do we go from here?

Sophie Milner from Fashion Slave wrote a post on haters and trolls, and it sums up my thoughts on this issue perfectly. I particularly liked how she questioned what impact these trolls are having on the younger generation.

I remember being allowed to get Twitter at 14 years old, and then Facebook at 15, which was really late compared to a few of my friends but boy am I glad there's no evidence of me as a dorky 12-year-old, pre-braces floating around online for all the world to see. I've never really had a bad experience online as such, but I remember around the age of 15 and 16 being very self-conscious and this was all magnified because I had Facebook. There was this immense pressure to get a good profile pic and see the likes rolling in, and if they didn't. Well, who were you? Not popular or pretty, obviously.

And that's continued to this day on other social media. Sure as a 21-year-old woman I've learned to not let it bother me and not care what people think, I'll rock whatever outfit I desire with messy hair and some smudgy eyeliner - but that's after 7 or 8 years of growing a thick skin.

So when I see my 14-year-old cousin living and breathing through Instagram, with the fashion sense of a model and the best makeup you have ever seen (I'm really annoyed I didn't have makeup tutorials to watch when I was younger) it really makes me wonder, how does she feel about it all? How is this affecting her confidence and the way she feels about herself.

She's grown up in a world where you're thrust up onto a pedestal from the get-go and you don't know any different.

Is that healthy? Probably not. But if you were a 14-year-old I don't think you'd feel inclined to live any other way, thanks to the normal pressures you face as a young teen, like fitting in and being 'cool'.


Sorry this got so deep so quickly, this seems to be a habit I'm making with Pillow Talk, but I guess it's been floating around my head this week. I'm going to leave it there and go listen to Taylor Swift to hype me up again and get ready Christmas Dinner #2 later this afternoon. Helloooooo food baby!

Have a wonderful Sunday, and I hope I've left you with some food for thought.