Pillow Talk

Hello you, 

It's Sunday morning, it's mighty cold, but chances are you're still wrapped up in the best place on earth. Bed! 

This weekend I'm lucky enough to be spending my Sunday morning in the heart of Budapest with one of my besties. It’s actually just started snowing and I’m so excited! We're just here for a short break but it certainly makes a nice change to normal. I also don't think I've been away EVER in December before so it's pretty rad seeing another city abroad in the lead up to Chrimbo. Today's our last full day before going home so we're going to make the most of it. Check out my Insta to see what we get up to. 

So, if you caught my Unattainable Expectations post last week you'll know that I've been a bit of a blogging funk. I had it all 'together' at the start of the summer, and then, well I just didn't. I've been going back and fourth in my mind on how I want to write up content like this. See, I want to share with you what I've been reading, what I've been listening to. I want to have a good old natter on the interwebs with like-minded folk whilst keeping it nice and low key. It is Sunday after all. 

And so this idea was born. Pillow Talk. I'm going to try making this a weekly thang where we can have a good old chinwag on what's been going on, and I can share with you the content I've been loving this week. It's nice to share the love isn't it? 

I love reading other posts like this so I thought what the heck, lemme put my own spin on it! Grab yourself a hot choc or a cuppa and let's get going. 

Posts that have stuck with me: 

Firstly the lovely Emma Gannon, always speaking the truth, Emma discusses emotional click bait. This caught my attention and has stuck with me since, as she puts it "Right now, it's kind of weirdly normal to sell your life online". And isn't it true! Linking into my post last week, this got me thinking about how there's this expectation to be online and reveal all of our deepest secrets to the world. Is this right? What's the implications of this in the future. It's a bit of a scary thought, isn't it? 

Why are people so rude? Chloe struck a chord with me the other day in her "Why Can't People Say Please Online? (Stop Being A Dick)" post, and it's something I'm finding myself getting more and more irritated by as time goes on, irl and online. Unfortunately it seems that manners aren't in fashion as of late as many are forgetting their Ps and Qs. Chloe touches on the demanding and somewhat rude messages she gets on the daily and it just makes me sad that people are like this. There's a human a the receiving end of comments and I think we can all take a minute to remember this. As my mum would say 'treat others how you want to be treated'. 

Finally, I gotta admit I've fallen head over heels in love for my current gal crush Megan Ellaby. I'm fairly new to Megan's content and boy have I been missing out! I came across this post the other day (and lots more to be honest - totally stalking the archives) about self confidence and all I can say is SLAY.

Number 1. The photographs from this shoot are stunning, like seriously girl you're smashing it. But if not more importantly, the message behind this post is legit. Self confidence is something we all battle with, I'm sure, and it's so refreshing to see that everyone, no matter how confident they might appear, can also have 'normal' struggles. What the hell do I mean? It's all about this culture of being online, and all appearing to have our shit together all of the time. Bit of a recurring theme today isn't it? Lol. It's important to realise that we've all got our strong points and we've all got our insecurities, but we can all help to lift each other up.

This post really resonated with me as lately I've been trying real hard at the gym and I think finally I'm feeling 'my best self'. I dunno, I've started rambling to be honest but I found Megan's words really motivating and it gave me that feel good factor. Go read it, she explains it much better than me! 

Easy Listening: 

I don't stay as up to date with the YouTube community as I used to, but I have been loving Marcus Butler's Lower Your Expectations podcast as of late. Okay, so does anyone have this thing where when you start a new pod you have to listen from ep 1? Even if that was like 2 years ago? I do this, so I'm actually still quite a few episodes behind (currently on ep 29) but it's a refreshing, laid back listen with some laughs between Marcus and Matt thrown in for good measure. I like the fact that we hear more about the behind the scenes aspects of YouTube in this pod. I find a lot of the old Brit Crew cater for a younger audience on their channels, so this is a nice way to hear about it, adult to adult.

Instas I've been swooning over:  

Ngl, if you follow me on Insta you'll have notice that I've fallen back in love with my bullet journal in the last week or so. Yep, expect me to post about it a lot more than usual. Soz. Why? Well, I'd been experimenting month after month with washi tape, different colours, different designs, but I just wasn't happy with it - there was too much going on! I've decided to take it back to basics this December and go with a much more minimalist look and design and gal, I'm loving it.

I've been swooning over @minimalistbujo on Insta which is actually a pretty great account where lots more minimalist loving bujo junkies are regularly featured. It was here I stumbled across @wezz.bujo and got inspo for my monthly spread - something I'd fallen out of love with the last couple of months, but I'm now very much back in love. That kicked everything off really, and now I'm in a minimalist heaven in my journal. I've said that word so many times in the last few minutes it's gone weird when I say it now. Haha! 

Well I've rambled on a little more than I intended to (oops) but I hope you've enjoyed your Sunday slumber whilst reading this. Do give the humans I've mentioned some love and check out their work, and with that, I'll leave you to enjoy your Sunday.