2018 | Things to come

How I'd like to feel during 2018 (This was on a camping trip last year)

Okay, no joke I think this is the fourth time I've started writing this post again from scratch. I've written a really long form version and a version that was just a bunch of bullet points strewn across the page. This is going to be my last attempt once and for all. The year is 2018, and these are my goals.

See more shows

Last year I was really happy with the number of shows and concerts I went to see. I usually see 1 a year, if that but 2017 felt like it was full to the brim of exciting stuff every other month. It was a great excuse to meet friends I can't see too often and I felt like I was learning things along the way, especially from West End shows like Hamlet and Don Juan in Soho. Although I'm going to be a little more careful with funds this year, I'd really like to book myself into a few more shows across London. So far I'm doing well as last night I went to a comedy club and laughed until it hurt - getting things off to a brilliant start!

Laugh more

Speaking of laughing... bit deep, but last year it felt like I spent too much of my time being downright miserable. With a couple of rough patches spread across the year, I definitely reached my lowest points ever, however, I also had some of the highest highs spent with my friends. I'm going to make a list in my bullet journal of activities I know I enjoy and can involve my friends with, so whenever I want to plan something I can easily pick something off the list. I had such a blast over Christmas and laughed properly, like actual hysterics, and I want there to be a lot more of that in 2018. I'd rather smile lines when I'm old and wrinkly than frown lines.

Plan trips away

I was actually really fortunate last year to have quite a few weekends away (to friend's uni digs) and managed a trip to Lisbon and Budapest - both of which were quite spontaneous! I had the best time on both trips and that got me thinking, why not think about this a little in advance this year and book them already! Okay, not all in one go, but I've got a list together of places I want to go to like Edinburgh (managed to book this one, go me!), plus a camping trip in the summer at some point. Gives me something to look forward to!

Remain body positive

I've always been a bit up and down with my body confidence but last summer something just clicked. I for once actually liked how I looked in photos (including photos where you can see my whole bod, not just my face) and I have loved it. I feel like my confidence has had a major boost to go with it and I want to keep thinking positively about this through 2018.


Buzz word of the moment, I know, but self-care is important. I definitely started putting more effort into exercising regularly last year, which is a good start, but I want to keep a tab on other things too. I want to ease off the pressure I put on myself sometimes, ensure that I'm doing things I know put me in a good frame of mind, and keep the smaller things in check like, drinking more water, eating more fruit and veggies. That kinda thing. My mental health was in tatters for more of last year than I realised and I want to try my best to keep everything going smoothly.

That's the general gist of my wishes for 2018. I did toy with the idea of breaking them down into very measurable goals but I'd rather keep it a bit vague. Who knows what's in store for me this year, let's just make it a good one!