Pillow Talk #7

A cute house I came across this week. Pinterest worthy.
Went on a drive in the new motor and found this - the cutest house I've ever seen!

I may or may not be totally hibernating and refusing to surface from beneath the duvet. . . 

This week has gone so fast I can't believe it's the weekend already and tomorrow's Monday. I need a weekend just to get over the weekend. 

I've been doing a lot in my bullet journal this week, as you might have seen here. I got my hands on my new car - this still hasn't sunk in, like how did this happen? And I've stuffed my face all week. Those pesky January vibes have been giving me all the comfort food feels this week and so I've embraced it and had a feast - seemingly every day. YAS. 

Next weekend I'm really excited as I've got a fun plan made with my friends for the weekend and I'm going to my very first blogger event in London. The lovely Giulia emailed me about the first London Blogger event both her and Ana have organised which will include a great day of blogging workshops and more exciting things - I can't wait! Are you going? Let's meet! 

No seriously, if you're going TWEET ME and we can be best blogger buds. 

I was planning on reading more books this week, but I've spent most of the time when I fancied a read, reading blogs. Quick note, I've made a new widget (scroll on down if you can't see it) where I'm going to be linking to blogs that I've loved in the previous week. I write about ones I want to discuss each week here on Pillow Talk, but I wanted some way to share more posts that have also left an impression on me. I'll be updating it every week so keep your eyes peeled. 

Totally channelling...

Rowena Tsai. I've seen one of Rowena's videos in my recommended section on YouTube for the past few weeks but just hadn't got around to watching. Now I regret that because I'm finding her videos so motivational and it's spurring me on to give my room a good old tidy. I started with her 7 Things that have simplified & bettered my life video, and I'd also recommend her 10 Practical Ways to Incorporate More Self Care & Wellness Into Your Daily Life video. You will be hooked. I love her vibe. 

Thinking about friendships...

I honestly feel like some of my friendships in early adulthood should be labelled with an "it's complicated" tag. Friendship around this age is confusing and although sometimes great, it can sometimes be pretty tough. People are going in different directions, choosing what they do and don't like, and meeting new people. It's a subject I've written about in the past, and want to explore more of this year. This week, one of Sophie Rosie's posts caught my attention as she described the act of outgrowing friendships. I think I'm going through this right now, or perhaps have done in the last 18 months, and it was nice to know I'm not the only one. 

Planning a social media break...

If you read Pillow Talk #5, you'll remember how I mentioned that I had a social media free day on Christmas Day and how great it was. I also said that I would be scheduling in a day just like this once per month because I enjoyed it so much. Well, here's the thing, I actually had it scheduled in for Saturday 27th but since I'll now be attending an event that day I don't think it's the best idea. So instead, I'll be planning in one, hopefully even two, during February. I saw Michelle Chai's (Daisybutter) post on Weekend Digital Detoxes this week and it's reminded me just how much I enjoyed that time away from social media. I'd love to spend a bit more time away from it. Need to up it on my priority list! 

Biting the bullet...

I read Vicky's Realistic Guide to Solo Travel this week and it's made me think a bit more about going away by myself. I've got quite a few places I want to travel to this year, some far away, some close to home, but all of them are with my boyfriend or friends. I think maybe I should start thinking about if there's anywhere I want to go by myself as a little challenge. Nothing set in stone as of yet but this has been on my mind. 

That's where I'm going to leave it for this week. Remember to check out my widget to see what else I've been reading! I'm going to knuckle down on the self-care side of things this week as I want to feel like my best self, ready for Saturday's event. And seriously, if you're thinking about going or have already got your ticket - hit me up and we can hang out together there!