Pillow Talk #9

The Come Down

Okay, here's the deal. Last weekend I had the best weekend ever. I was so happy and content with life and didn't have a single fear or worry. I was #livingmybest life and somehow managed to get pretty much all of my friends in the same place at the same time to dance and drin…

January Journal

Hey gang,

Today I wanted to share with you the pages in my bullet journal from January.

Like my lopsided lines for my January cover?

I'm loving my more minimalistic theme compared to last year. I think there's definitely room to add further decoration without going too crazy, but in January I…

Back, and 22.

I'm now the grand old age of 22. How did that happen?
In December and January, I was in my blogging element. I had a schedule, I had ideas, I was motivated, everything was running smoothly. 
Then, I had a day's break from social media, which quickly turned into a whole weekend, which turne…