Pillow Talk #11

Finally got to use my new camera a couple of friends got me for my birthday! 

Happy Sunday!

Remember when the idea of these posts was to share them with you in the morning? Ha, oh well, better late than never!

So, let's catch up!

This week I feel like I'm finally getting back into my groove. I'd been feeling a little bit stuck when it came to thinking up ideas and being creative, but seem to have beaten this by turning to pen and paper. I've found myself jotting a lot down, even at work, whether it's a brainstorm or more of a list format, it really helps. I write down whatever comes to mind, good ideas, not so good ideas. You name it. It's really spurred me on this motivated side of me and I've had more ideas in the last week than I have in 2018!

What's else has been going on?

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a bit of a Tomb Raider fangirl. One of the very first games I ever played on the sacred PS1 was the very first tomb raider game, so watching the series continue and then the reboot a couple of years ago has brought me so much joy. On Wednesday I went to see the new film which follows the first game of the reboot fairly closely. There were, of course, some slight differences in the game's storyline, one of which really surprised me, but I still loved the film none the less. I really enjoyed Alicia Vikander's portrayal of Lara, especially as she transforms from regular early twenty-something to hardcore, literal, tomb-raider. Brb, I'm off to play the game again!

On Thursday evening I spent a couple of hours with the lovely Pippa and Natalie at the London Laptop Club. I'd never been before but we just spent the time having a good old natter whilst attempting to get some blogging done. It was really nice chatting with people in the blogosphere and if you're in the area, do come along next time! You can follow the club here: @Ldnlaptopclub

In addition to this, I've been really upping my efforts with the gym. I always go to the gym quite late in the evening but I'm trying to go a little later as then I can't really come up with any excuses. In the last two weeks, I've gone five times which for me is very good going! My goal is three times a week and I'm trying to fit in Yoga at home on days I don't go. Has anyone tried the app 'Downward Dog'? I've just completed the intro for beginners and so far I'm really enjoying it!

Anything else?

I think that's about it for this week. Who else is excited for the bank holiday weekend? Easter has come around so fast! I'm going to try and have a blogging day on Friday so watch this space for lots of new posts!