Becoming Who I Want To Be

Right. Time to be real here.

Last May I started broadening my horizons and listening to podcasts which completely transformed my outlook on the industry. I had so much motivation, I actively blogged, I actively worked to better myself, and at the time and looking back, I am bloody proud of myself.

Since then, I've seen glimpses of myself in that mindset, but I think, honestly, I'm lazy. I'll go through phases of being on it, and phases of not blogging for months at a time.

What have I noticed? Those periods of time where I'm 'on it' I look back on fondly and feel like I've achieved something. Everything else? Meh. It's all right but I was just coasting along. Coasting is not good.

Time to change!

Here's my action plan;

  • Listen to podcasts that provoke creative thoughts, encourage self-care & self-improvement, and make me laugh. Including; 
    • Ctrl Alt Delete
    • Keeping it Candid
    • My Favorite Murder
    • The Debrief Podcast / Nobody Panic
    • The Fringe Of It
  • Read books! I've got an ever-growing tower of books which are just sitting there, not being read. I want to read for at least 10 every day. 
  • Get up earlier and do yoga. I want to do it - so why don't I get up and, you know, do it?
  • Go to the gym three times a week. I feel excellent afterward, so again, why on earth don't I just do it?
  • Walk more - if I've got the time and a trip will take me less than half an hour to walk, walk it. 
  • Document this 'journey'. 

Perhaps this lack of enthusiasm, mixed with anxiety bubbling under the surface, and a general feeling of not knowing what I want to do next week let alone what my grand plan for the future is, is one of the reasons why I've felt a little lost when it comes to blogging.

So, here begins my 'journey' of actually sitting down and getting some blog posts written up about things I already talk about (Pillow Talk and bullet journal posts, I'm looking at you) as well as regular snippets here on the blog or on Instagram updating you, dear reader, on my progress of leveling up. Becoming who I want to be.

Time to begin.