Pillow Talk #15

Me looking moody and mysterious

I've implemented my new timetable (more on that to come in a future blog post soon) to keep my evenings in check, I've set up a new budgeting system, and I've managed to fit in a lot of fun evenings and days out with my favourite chums.

I love spending time writing this blog post, but I know some people like to consume the content in smaller bitesized chunks. So that's what I did this week on Instagram. Keep an eye on my Stories if this is the kinda thing that floats your boat.

On with this week's faves:

This summer I've gone from being and feeling the most confident I've ever been, to nothing, and slowly my confidence is creeping back up again. When I read Liv's post On Writing Love Notes To Ourselves, it really struck a chord with me. She writes about how often when we look back, we realise that we were feeling good about ourselves, but then it's almost a bit too late. And that's how I feel like this year. At the start of this year I was quite literally #livingmybestlife and now I feel like I'm sat in a heap not knowing where I went wrong and what on earth happened. Yay? I guess I didn't appreciate the good times as much as I in hindsight should have.

But... that's kinda leading into what Liv talks about too. Why are we so cruel to ourselves? And I'm again sat here thinking, yeah, why am I being so cruel to myself. Everyone makes mistakes but we're only human and I shouldn't let that make me unhappy today. I'm thinking of taking Liv's post as an inspiration and literally might write a love letter to myself. I think it's needed.

Sometimes I think I should have a whole blog dedicated to friendship in your twenties because honestly, as a teen I thought any 'drama' or stuff like that would die down by now. But no. It's so difficult and so hard and friendships get everyone I know in a bit of a tizz from time to time. Yay. I think is why at the moment I am absolutely lapping up every post I stumble across talking about friendship, and Megan's 5 Things I've Learned About Friendship is no different. Megan talks about the changes that occur in friendships, how they fizzle out, and why these things happen. It was comforting to read and made me feel like at least my situation is felt by others too.

On a brighter note, perhaps, was the How to balance minimalism and a love affair with books post by The LifeStyle Files. As you might have seen last week, I've been reading a bit more lately, and I have this aching desire to either completely change my room. I want a space for books and this post makes me feel like I'll be able to create the space I desire without feeling cluttered and overloaded.

Boy's Don't Cry with Russel Kane - I'm always on the look out for new podcasts I might enjoy (not that I have enough time during the day to listen to them) and this one hosted by Russel Kane caught my eye. I first heard about it during the Love Island hype during the summer but didn't get around to listening until now. I'm a couple of episodes in and love it, I like the fact that it's addressing serious topics I don't think get enough attention whilst remaining light hearted and not too heavy. Have recommended it to my boyf, definitely one that can be enjoyed by all.

My anxiety has been through the roof for the last couple of weeks. Not constantly but it's been very up and down. I stumbled across these posts, it was almost like they knew I needed them, and it was great to read that people feel the same and understand where I'm coming from with things. I'll tell these posts to the talking:

My anxiety and first cognitive behavioural therapy sessions - Amy

An Update. - Fifi's Looking Glass

On Anxiety - Lucy Moon

I'm making a really concious effort at the moment to be as productive as possible in my free time. Yes, I want to sit and laze about for a bit scrolling through Reddit without a care in the world, but I also want to feel like I'm using my time well and making progress & improvements. Even if it's just tiny little things. I've been pushing myself to improve my budgeting, maintain my bullet journal (I find if things are literally spelled out on a list in front of me I'm more likely to do it), and just be savvy in general. These posts have given me such a motivational kick in the right direction.

5 Ways to Make Money Blogging (And Which Ones Are the Best) - In Search of Sheila

GTD + Bullet journal: the perfect organization combo - Minimal Plan

Small Beginner Blogger Investments to Get Your Blog Taken Seriously - In Search of Sheila

I'm going wrap up this post here I think. I hope you enjoyed this week's Pillow Talk and have found something useful from it. I'm off to give my room a shake up and do something nice like have a bath.