Why I'm Delving Into Crystals

Question for you: do you believe in the power of crystals? This idea has continued to pop up in my life as of late, so I’ve recently picked up two books on the subject and am making a huge effort to immerse myself in the world of crystals. Why? Read on...


I’ve had two crystals, a piece of amethyst and a piece of rose quartz, sat in my bedroom for longer than I can remember, but I’ve never bothered to look into what they mean or what the world of crystals is all about. They've essentially just been decorations.

My interest peaked after listening to a recent episode of Estée Lalonde’s podcast On The Line (which I'd highly recommend by the way), where she interviews Emma Lucy Knowles on Reiki.

Emma is a hands-on crystal healer and meditation teacher who works with people all around the world, helping them to discover their inner peace. She also practices Reiki, which you can hear all about in the podcast.

Some may say I’ve been living under a rock, and some might be just like me in saying they’d never heard of Reiki before. This piqued my interest, and after a very hard summer, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to look into this area a little further. If there was a way this could help me feel a little better about things and channel pain into something positive, I'm all for it.

This prompted a mini book haul, picking up Emma Lucy Knowles’ The Power Of Crystal Healing, and Yulia Van Doren’s Crystal book, which I found after 'accidentally' walking into to Urban Outfitters when I was supposed to be on a shopping ban. Oops.


After flicking through these books, seeking out some accounts to follow on Instagram and YouTube (this whole experience has made me rekindle my love for Harmony Nice - do you follow her?), and browsing Pinterest for quick snippets of info, I decided that if nothing else, even if just placebo, this exploration would perhaps help me make more time for myself.

Recently I’ve been very busy. Signing up to every event possible in my evenings, slotting in coffees and drinks with friends where I can, and making time to spend with my boyfriend at the weekend. 
It’s been noted by those closest to me that I’m spreading myself thinly and have perhaps forgotten to spend some time on myself. I've picked up on this too but have trouble slowing down - does anyone find once you stop it's really hard to get back into the swing of things?

Already I feel a sense of calm when I’m reading about crystals, I'm enjoying learning about each of their properties and where they could potentially help you. It's been a welcome addition to my current routine and I've already got a list on my phone of crystals I'd like to buy when payday comes around! 

Currently, I truly don’t know if I believe in crystals having healing powers, but, I am all for them helping me to spend time away from my phone, stop looking at a screen, and prompting me to spend more time thinking and reflecting. 

What’s your opinion on crystals? Are you a believer or do you think they’re purely for aesthetic reasons? I’m yet to decide!