Podcast Picks #1

Who else is obsessed with podcasts? They’re just great aren’t they? A productivity booster, procrastination buster. I’ve got a whole bunch of favourites that I listen to on the regular and wanted to start sharing with you specific episodes that have stuck with me. 

The Sunday Social

Do We Still Diet? With BodyPosiPanda and Carly Rowena

1 hr 10 / Self Care / Body Positivity
This episode really caught my attention because 'wellness' is such a hot topic at the moment, especially in the media and online. I think, and I think this episode explores well, how wellness is losing it's meaning and becoming just another Instagram fad. The episode is split into two halves focusing on body image, body positivity, and how to approach living a healthy life with a healthy attitude. 

Millennial Matters 

The realities of being a blogger (S2, Ep9)

41 mins / Career / Motivational / Blogging
If you're reading this then there's a strong possibility that you're a blogger (or you might be one of my friends - if so hi, hello, thank you for reading!) in which case you'll love this episode. Touching on some of the truths behind blogging, a reminder that it isn't an overnight success and can require investment. I also loved Pippa and Laura's discussion on the shift in what young people want to be when they grow up - bloggers and YouTubers. What do you think about it? Do they see and understand the business side of it? 

The ladies have also just launched a new series of Millenial Matters so be sure to tune in!


Wobble with Liv Purvis 

30 mins / Self Care / Confidence / Body Positivity
I'm a big fan of Liv Purvis, I love her style and will often be swooning over one of her amazing Flo + The Mo style dresses on Instagram. I'd never listened to Wobble before, and to be honest, can't quite remember how I came across it, but I'm so glad I did. There was great banter between hosts Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell, and Liv, but with important discussion one of Liv's latest projects, The Insecure Girl's Club. It was a refreshing reminder that even people who appear to have it together on the gram have insecurities, and actually, we all do. Your best mate, your friend from school, your mum! And it's okay to feel that way and talk about it. 

David Tennant Does a Podcast With...

Catherine Tate

55 mins / Sunday Slumber / Biography / Easy Listening 
Two of my favourite actors having a good old chin wag. I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know about Catherine Tate, from growing up watching her do ‘am I bovvered’ to finding myself still watching compilations of the Doctor & Donna’s funniest bits on YouTube, this episode really is a gem. I’d recommend this looking through this pod to see who else David Tennant has interviewed, his chat with Olivia Coleman was another one of my favourites.

Squiggly Careers

#79 Coping with conflict at work 

42 mins / Career / Motivational / Confidence Building 
If you’re ever feeling like you need some on the go career coaching, this is the podcast to listen to. After being recommended this by one of my friends I can’t believe I’ve never listened before. Breaking the issue in hand, in this case, conflict at work, down into easy to action tips, I’ve found this a great way to stop feeling so belittled by career progression (and how you actually go about getting there) and actually do it. I’ve already gone and downloaded a bunch of old episodes to binge through! 

Let me know if you give any of these a listen!