Notes from the ‘Gram: The Anxiety Creeps Back In

“Trying to be edgy and cool ⠀⠀
The Vinegar Yard, London Bridge ⠀⠀
On a real side note though, everything might look all hunky dory in these photos (forever going to continue posting snaps that are a month out of date haha) but after a week of rest and relaxation it’s taken just two days to make me feel full of anxiety and panic surrounding deadlines and work and blogging and all sorts of life stuff. Two days. This time last week I was literally on a beach in the hot sunshine in a little corner of the world where nothing else mattered except what sandwich I was going to eat next or if I was going to go into the sea for another paddle. Or if it was time for another nap on the sand. ⠀⠀
I’d like to go back there” 

~ To give you some context to this new series on my blog, I'll be taking some of my longer-form Instagram posts and expanding on them here. ~

I recently took a holiday to sunny (yes, it really was sunny!) Cornwall for a week with my boyfriend. We had the best time there and I was able to completely forget reality for our duration and was so at peace with myself and life generally.

Then we came back, and despite being equipped with the happy memories and photos ready to upload to the gram to prove it, it took just two days for all the anxiety of work and life to creep back in.

Bit pants isn’t it?

The good news is, a few more weeks have passed since this post and I’m further down the line when it comes to post-holiday blues, and feeling a little more optimistic about things.

I am, however, already working out how and when I can go on holiday again.