Dirty Bones // Kingly Court

You know what I love? A decent burger on a Friday night.

A few weeks back the boyf and I hit up Kingly Court just off of Carnaby Street for some true New York vibes and cocktails.

This particular restaurant is up at the top of Kingly Court (a haven of delicious food, there's something for everyone). When we went it was a rainy grey day, but that somehow made the visit all the more aesthetic. If I had to magic up my Instagram theme into a room this place would be it.

Best bits
Happy hour

A cheek cocktail (or two, or three...)

Since it was a Friday and we were feeling a little wild, I decided to make use of the happy hour. The cocktail was delicious and honestly, I got through them quickly. I could have drunk a lot more.


To kick things off we ordered a starter to share, "Padrón Peppers", which were nothing like I’d had before. We were a bit worried they would be super spicy, but they weren’t at all. Instead super crunchy and very salty (they're covered in Maldon salt). Maybe even a little too salty, but it only encouraged me to buy more cocktails!


For the main event, we ordered the "The Classic" burger, and I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever actually left gherkin in my burger. And I liked it. I like it a lot.

It was a proper feel good burger. I feel like I need to invent a burger ranking scale for my restaurant visits because I just seem to love them all!


To finish, we indulged in milkshakes. J ordered a chocolate one called "Shadow" which had chocolate chip ice cream and Oreos in it, and I ordered a vanilla one called Butter Baby. Sadly there was a mixup and I actually got served banana (I hate bananas) but J does, so we swapped and my new chocolate one was DIVINE.

Again. Seriously feeling like I need to start ranking milkshakes everywhere I go.

Would I go again?

Yas! All in all our spontaneous visit to Dirty Bones was top notch and I would jump at the chance to go again next time I’m in the area. We went for a late lunch at about 4pm so it wasn’t too busy, but I can imagine it heaving around dinner time.

Peace out. I’m off to come up with a way to rank burgers and milkshakes