I’m an Appaholic

I'm Becca, and I'm an appaholic.




noun: appaholic

  1. Someone who is addicted to buying apps for their iPhone, iPod, or their iPad.

I wanted to say this was a new term, coined by your's truly, but unfortunately, Urban Dictionary beat me to it.

If you know me in real life, it's often you'll hear me say "I've got an app for that" mid-conversation. I thought everyone was into having as many apps as physically possible, but judging by the winces I see when people scroll through the literal pages and pages of apps I've got on my phone, maybe that's just me.

To celebrate my strange addiction, and maybe purge some old apps I've stopped using, I thought I'd start doing some comparison/review style posts across some of the apps I use the most.

First up, I'm thinking budgeting apps, Instagram planning apps, and camera apps. Huji I'm looking at you.

I'll be looking at the user experience, the price, pros and cons between the apps and which one I'll be deleting. Hopefully.

Genuine question, can you be an app hoarder because I think I am one.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming apps reviews.