A Trip to Cadbury World

Oh hey! 

Way back in June (how time flies) my boyfriend and I went on a road trip up to Birmingham to visit one of our friends. We decided to visit Cadbury World during our visit because it's my favourite chocolate brand. 

When we arrived, we got given some freebies, hello massive crunchy bar! You then get to walk through a section which teaches you all about the history of Cadbury's, and the whole chocolate making process. It's done in a really creative way and there's a really cool cinema type room where your chairs move and all sorts. 

Once we'd visited this section, we got to explore some of the factory. We didn't actually see much in the factory at all. It was very hot, smelt so much of chocolate you could taste it, but we didn't see it all going around being manufactured which was a slight shame. At different points they had staff making chocolate, which was viewable through glass windows, plus there was a section where we got our own pot of melted chocolate with sprinkles. 

There were quite a few interactive points throughout the tour, as you'll see in my vlog, we especially enjoyed an area where you got to kick around cream eggs on the floor. It looked very snazzy. 

Anyway, enough chitter chatter, why not watch my visit here!

Thanks for popping by!