Sunset Safari at London Zoo


Summer is well and truly over now, so, despite the fact I've been wishing for winter, it's time for me to reminisce about one of my favourite evenings from this year. The night I went to London Zoo and experienced their Sunset Safari.

What is it?
Every year, London Zoo open their gates on Friday nights throughout the summer, allowing you to have a meander, see all the animals, perhaps with a delicious tipple in your hand. This is the second year running I've been, and I loved it even more! We managed to visit most of the animals, but got distracted by the amazing food stalls!

We made of accidentally had some hog dogs. And some curry. And some churros. It was just so good.

The whole experience and atmosphere in the zoo are perfect. Thankfully, both years Jim and I have been blessed with a beautiful sunset. There were a weird ten minutes this year where it seemed to drizzle, but before you could put an umbrella up it had already stopped.

Everywhere is decorated with pretty fairy lights, there music playing, a steel drum band, singers, alcohol stalls, food stalls, shows at all the main exhibits.

Take a look at my vlog for a slice of the action.